Kiang is the Tibetan wild donkey regarded as a symbol of freedom & respect   

A little presentation …

Kiang Adventures is a new responsible eco travel agency based in Brussels Belgium entirely dedicated to the hike and to the mountain climbing. The project articulates around the collaboration between several entities according to a participative principle where the skills of each of between them are put in the service of the project in its entirety. Travel agencies, local operators, guides, owners of refuges, hotelkeepers, tour operators, etc. A first office will open during year 2018 in Brussels.

This one will have for main function – according to an ethics of the journey declared and codified – the centralization of these diverse know-how and skills and the sale and the organization (complete or partial) journeys in the form of package. This package or complete formulae shall cover the set(group) or left for example a single hike proposed journeys and / or consisted in dialogue with the customer / the groups according to the principle of the “custom-made product”, Kiang Adventures aiming to be resolutely – more than a traditional tour operator – flexible structure put in the service of the desires, the physical abilities, duration and budgetary possibilities of every traveler or group.

Kiang Adventures is the fruit of the collaboration of several Himalayan,  mountain and hiking lovers. Behind the project are 3 passionate people, Om Parkash, (India) who has guided trekkers and climbers since 1992 all around Indian Himalaya, then Bhuwan Shrestha (Nepal) who has, after over 15 years or trekking and touring experience in Nepal,  set up an agency ” Authentic Adventures” a team of trek/climb/raft/tour experts with many years of experiences in the related field, and finally there is Bernard Silovy (Belgium) who first fell in love with India’s amazing mountains, landscapes, and culture when first visiting in 1993, and has since returned countless times, particularly to the Himalayas.

The first destinations will be Himalayan India (Ladakh, Lahaul and Spiti, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh), Nepal, the Tibet, Vosges, Pyrenees, Queyras (the French Alps), the Canary Islands, Portugal (region of Alentejo), the Italian Dolomites, the Tuscany and Ireland. Other destinations will be proposed and developed in the future as Japan, South America, Iceland, Kazakhstan, Morocco, Iran, etc.

Kiang Adventures proposes mountain walks and treks from 2000m to 6400m altitude ; peak climbing expeditions ; cultural tours, including monastery visits, home-stay tours and a nature and wildlife tour.

We only guide very small groups (from 1 to 5 persons and 6 to 8 for certain destinations), we respect the environment, (we leave as small a « footprint » as humanely possible) and offer adapted and customized journeys maximizing optimum altitude acclimatization…

Each tour has been lovingly conceived, incorporating set goals, all the time mindful of the travellers effort expended and need for enjoyment . Our crew and our guides are fully trained, aware, and equipped for any issues linked to mechanical matters, climatic conditions or health concerns. For example, we provide oxygen cartridges and a hyperbaric wearable chamber.

We have put in place an eco tourism company which totally respects the mountain and its inhabitants and we apply a very strict set of rules to ourselves (see our CHART). We aim to help our guests understand, respect and ultimately love the environment we show them, and in doing so, have the possibility to undergo an amazing personal experience, « from the inside » ; one which they will never forget.

We have much personal experience and made extensive study of matters concerning altitude, including the problems which can appear when travelling into higher altitudes. We provide a number of instructions about the physical and mental preparation necessary for higher altitude walking, with the aim of creating the conditions for successful altitude adaptation (see the chapter concerning Health and Training).

Also, with preparation in mind, we have made a detailed gear and equipment check-list to help the future trekker to practically prepare him/herself as well as possible and to be totally aware of all the appropriated clothing and medical equipment needed. (see the Equipment page)

Thank you for taking the time to discover our new website and to consider this project which we are so passionate about. We hope that it will sow in you the wish to (re)discover this Shangri La, one of the most beautiful and remote areas of the world, and to allow us, Kiang Adventure, to be your guide.

Om & Bernard