“The mountain sometimes imposes its laws, and prudence and beautiful humility are of course at all times : just as one respects the mountain and its integrity, one must also respect and be able to accept that for one reason or another it Is sometimes wiser to stop, to pause in its progression, and even sometimes to go down and to take shelter and safety when the external conditions (weather) or interior (the body) impose it. This type of trip does not involve a result. Of course, if one reaches the end of the program that one has proposed to realize, one will have experienced a fantastic, perhaps (and probably) unique and incomparable experience. But if for the above mentioned reasons or for any other reason the life of one of the members of an expedition is exposed to a major risk, then it is better to consider safety as a priority … Hiking in the mountains is certainly a sporting act, but for me it is much more; It is an act, a truly existential act that constantly reassesses us with regard to our empathic abilities. The path is the goal in itself and remains much more important than reaching the peak  …

A face to face with the nature and with weather elements which can be total volatile.
A meeting devoid of any possibility of flight, lying or artifice with oneself, with our capacity for adaptation, change, flexibility, improvisation and, as already mentioned above, acceptance.

The mountain is always a life lesson. One will never be superior to her, one will never become stronger than her. On the other hand, one can – from the moment and as long as one lavishes on her the respect due to her – make her an ally and often a true friend: she will always (or almost) give us more than what It has been given: it is of an absolute beauty; She is an Absolute. Just like the desert and the ocean … It also provides the one who actually engages (that is, without any ulterior motives or falsehood, without having anything to prove to oneself or to the world) towards her, The sensation of belonging to the Whole and the Individual. Finally, it gives peace, wisdom, strength and fulfillment to those who meet each other by meeting their own lives through apprehension of their own limits. “

Bernard Silovy